Head Coach/ Owner

I love the ah-ha moment, when something you’ve said, done, or helped with clicks, your athletes do something they didn’t think they could ever do, or were ever capable of doing. Seeing people change every day for the better, and knowing I had a small part in that, is very rewarding.

Life outside the gym? Is there one? Kidding. When I’m not at the gym, my focus is home and family. I’m a mom and wife. I’ve been married 12 years to my best friend, Jake, and we have 3 kids. CrossFit has changed everything about how I live life outside of the gym; my family and lifestyle are better because of it. I also spend as much time as I possibly can learning and educating myself to be the best coach and athlete that I can.

If you know me, you know everything – I’m an open book. I have no filter. I love hard and give 100% to anyone in my life. I hold nothing back. What you see is what you get!


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • Iron Athlete Weightlifting Coaches certifcate

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • Crossfit Endurance

  • CrossFit Running workshop

  • CYT 200hrs YOGA


Jake Butler


This isn’t just a gym, it’s a community! Since joining the community, all aspects of my life and health have improved. The back pain I once experienced pre-CrossFit no longer exists due to the strengthening of my posterior chain (I no longer skip leg day). I’ve been influenced by many likeminded people within the Box, who serve as shining examples of what it means to be a good husband, father, athlete, mentor, coach and person.  I have a passion for wellness, and am dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life. I find great joy in helping and seeing others achieve their goals, ultimately improving their quality of life!

CrossFit has become an important aspect of my life because of the ability to apply the skills and concepts of the movements to everyday situations. I am a full-time firefighter for the City of Mesa, AZ, and feel the benefits of the workouts and execution of proper form on a daily basis.  I have been riding the CrossFit coattails of my wife, Holly, since 2014. Her passion is contagious and has spread, affording us the opportunity to own and operate CrossFit Obsession.


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Nationally Certified EMT



My favorite thing about coaching are the small goals I see accomplished all the time. From the first successful snatch to the first pull-up, those moments highlight my career and stand out most amongst the crowd.

When I’m not coaching/training, which isn’t often, I enjoy fabricating something in the garage or being outdoors. Cruising on the bike, going for a walk with my kids, making a shelf or tabletop, then cooking a gourmet dinner for my family isn’t an abnormal day for me.

Some people may not know that I was a golf pro, not to be confused with a pro golfer, before I was a coach. I’ve taught someone how to do something for as long as I can remember.


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Weightlifting I


Brandon Weiss

I love being a coach because I get to help athletes understand and achieve their goals through hard work, dedication, and consistency.  When I’m coaching I want athletes to understand the reason behind what we do in CrossFit, I want them to understand “the why”.  I believe that is the best way to elicit positive health, fitness, and life change through the sport of CrossFit.  Finding different means of achieving these goals and seeing the athlete succeed is what makes it all worth my time.  Watching beginners and experienced CrossFit athletes surpass milestones gives me drive to not only continue coaching them through their journey, but to improve my own fitness as well.  The athletes I coach inspire me to be better at everything I do in life and working with such talented coaches as we have at CFO also drives me to be better every time I take responsibility for a class.  The way our staff works together to achieve goals for our athletes is what makes this such an awesome place to work.  I love being a part of this team because we all work with the same focus and want to achieve the highest results out of our athletes, it really is an inspirational team to work with.

Outside the gym family comes first for me so I enjoy spending time with my wife (Kids CF Coach Annalee), my children Hunter and Alexandra, and the rest of my family as often as possible.  We spend our time playing outside, going on trips, camping, and staying active.  I also enjoy running and participating in obstacle course races.  I’ve completed several Ragnar Races in Standard and Ultra format, all varieties of Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, and I’m a Triathlete in training!  I work very hard for my fitness inside the gym and I really enjoy making use it in as many different sports as possible.

One little known fact about me is Public Speaking is one of my biggest fears!  I’ve never liked being the center of attention and have always been terrified of speaking in front of a crowd.  Luckily being a coach responsible for running CrossFit classes is helping me overcome that fear!


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Weightlifting I


Jessica Fuller

My favorite part about being a CrossFit coach is the relationships that are built within the gym. CrossFit brings people from all different walks of life together who share the same passion and determination. The community is what makes me love CrossFit more and more everyday.

When I am not coaching I try and spend as much time with my husband Dale, friends, family, and two dogs!

Something you may not know about me is that I am obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have seen every single episode... twice!


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Weightlifting


Katie Hawk

Coaching has brought me a whole new love of CrossFit! I love to help others and see them push themselves to be stronger and faster! Seeing athletes do things they never thought possible. People amaze me, our bodies are capable of amazing things, and CrossFit shows us that.

Outside of CrossFit, I am a mommy of two crazy kids. I also am a part time hairstylist, so not only do I get to help make people strong, I get to make people beautiful!

I’m from Wyoming, was raised riding horses and shooting guns! I also suck at sports.


  • CrossFit Level 1




My favorite part of the coaching is to watch the kids’ confidence grow while they get stronger and faster each class. Building a relationship and a fun environment during classes is very important to me. I like to hear about their goals for the gym and outside the gym.  

When I am not at the gym? I am a wife and mom. I am married to Coach Brandon and we have two children; Alexandra and Hunter. We love to go on trips and explore.

I am a former teacher for the last decade, and this year took off to be more involved with my growing kids! I absolutely love working with children. If I am not at home with my children or coaching, you can probably find me at a nail salon getting a pedicure.

Something you may not know about me…I am from a small town called Portageville in Upstate New York. I moved to Arizona when I was 19 with two suitcases and only knowing one person here!


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Kids

  • CrossFit Strike


Aimee Langdon

Hi! I am Aimee – the crazy coach! I love CrossFit and Coaching. Why CrossFit? I got into CrossFit traveling the world working with law enforcement and military dudes.  It was the new ‘thing’ and I kept falling for the ‘it’ll be an easy workout today’!  I refused to used a barbell, I didn’t want to get big… 6 years later, here I am and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

The empowerment CrossFit gives individuals is so fun to watch and I absolutely love being a part of that for athletes.  Doing things for ourselves, pushing to our limits, working hard to set that next goal is often when we find ourselves feeling the most vulnerable. Seeing facial expressions, excitement, confidence and commitment to being a better YOU is what motivates me.  CrossFit Obsession is friends and fun!

Home is where the heart is and my heart is with my husband, Ernest, 4-year old monkey RJ and our two pups! We moved to Arizona two years ago from Minnesota and Virginia and absolutely love it. 

I live by the motto, “YOU DO YOU!” We are all here doing what we need to do in the exact moment we are doing it –be your own you.

Fun fact: I spent most of my life as a competitive baton twirler and was the Feature Twirler at the University of Minnesota – Go Gophers! 


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Crossfit Strike



Hi!  I’m Natasha-wife to Nick, and momma to two curly-haired girls who rock my world!  I initially got into CrossFit to shape up after having my second daughter, and it became increasingly clear that I had something to prove...to myself!  I immediately fell in love with the gymnastics and barbell work that are involved in the daily workouts, and the rest is history!  
I love the fulfillment that coaching brings in so many different capacities-from helping an athlete through their first week, to coaching someone to their next PR, to helping someone connect with a community that will quickly become like family-it’s all great and I love it!  
The CrossFit community has brought so many wonderful people into my life, and it’s my hope that I can play small part in passing that on to others while helping them set, reach, and surpass the goals they set for themselves in and out of the gym.  
CrossFit is an amazing tool to help people see just what they’re capable of-physically, and more importantly-mentally.  I love the confidence it fosters, and the camaraderie built by hard work and sweat.  
When I’m not at the gym, you can find me trying my best to raise good humans, camping, baking, and drinking way too much coffee!


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Crossfit Weightlifting I


Andy Mally

Endurance Coach

The best part about coaching is having the opportunity to help athlete’s reach their goals. Whether it’s something as simple as running a mile without stopping, or as ambitious as completing a 100-mile ultra-marathon, every accomplishment is important and exciting when it happens. I love the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses, and tailoring a program that maximizes the potential of each individual athlete.
Outside the gym I spend time with my wife Cassie, and our 3 kids Allie, Evie, and Jack. I’m also an avid endurance athlete. I’m a 3-time (soon to be 4) Ironman and a 2-time Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher. Fitness is an incredibly important part of my life, and staying fit allows me to do a broad range of different sports and activities.
Fun Fact: I can’t stop watching The Real World and just about every other MTV reality show.


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Crossfit Flexibility & Mobility