1 session:  $99 per session
12 sessions:  $89 per session
24 sessions:  $74 per session

Some people don’t just want to do CrossFit, they want to get good (really good) at it. For those interested in learning these techniques, try a one-on-one sessions with our CrossFit-certified Coaches!

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Every body is different and that's why having a coach to personalize your plan can make all of the difference. 

CrossFit Obsession has teamed up with long time member Sarah Atondo to offer nutrition consulting and coaching. Please contact Sarah at Philosophy Fitness and nutrition for your nutrition needs!

Nutrition is NUMBER one when really striving for lifestyle changes and goals. 

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Use of our childcare room is available to all parents while using the gym! Maximum 2 hours, and parent must be on-site.

Childcare is availbale  for children 3mo+ in a supervised classroom. Childcare is available at all class times except weekdays at 5:00 am & 6:00 am And during Saturday & Sunday Open gym